Biomass Gasifier Unit

We are the leading manufacturers of biomass gasifiers in India. We supply biomass gasifiers to reduce the operational costs of different dryer units by cutting down the use of diesel and petrol. The biomass materials used for our plants are coconut shells, wood, coal or organic wastes which are available at very low costs. We are located in Kerala, South India.

What are biomass gasifiers?

Gasification is the process of making Hydrogen from organic, carbon containing materials like wood, coal, charcoal, coconut shells etc by applying pressure and high temperatures but without combustion. Biomass gasifiers are equipment which makes gasification possible and extracts the hydrogen gas produced to be used as fuel.

Advantages of using a gasifier unit for running your plant:

  • Clean energy with near zero emissions
  • Low running cost
  • Easy storage of raw materials unlike storing diesel or petrol
  • easy availability of raw materials