Dryer Unit

The dryer unit is for removing the water content present in raw rubber pieces before pressing them into rubber bales using hydraulic press. The raw material is dried under optimum temperature by circulating hot air through the dryer tunnel. The specifications of the dryer unit varies with the production rate of the crumb rubber factory.

The dryer unit consists of :
  • 1.Drying Tunnel: This is a long tunnel fabricated with MS channels, lined with Aluminium plane sheets and insulated with glass wool. The tunnel is divided into many sections to maintain the temperature required for drying.
  • 2.Trays: They are made with MS fabricated frames and 1 mm SS sheets. A normal tray contains 9 sections for carrying the wet rubber pieces into the dryer. The trays are covered with perforated sheets at the bottom for the passage of hot air for drying.
  • 3.Rails: rails are fabricated inside and outside the drying tunnel for the movement of trays. Two shuttle trolleys are provided at both ends of the tunnel for shifting the trays.
  • 4.Air Circulation unit: It consists of MS fabricated ducts insulated with Glass wool and axle flow fans connected to burning chamber and ducts for the circulation of hot air inside the tunnel.
  • 5.Burner: It is the unit which produces heat necessary for the drying process. The heat is generated either by burning diesel or gas from gasifier.
  • 6.Temperature Indicators: Temperature indicators are fixed at hot air inlet of ducts and other parts of the tunnel to ensure optimum temperature.
  • 7.Pusher: A mechanical chain pusher with gear box and motor is fixed at wet rubber feeding zone of the tunnel.