Hydraulic Baling Press

The single chamber hydraulic press is fabricated with ms plates. The power pack having 7.5HP* motor with high and low pressure pumps solenoid DC valves, pressure relief valves, pressure control modules, pressure gauge are assembled together and mounted on the top of the oil tank. The press is fully automatic with control panel. The capacity of oil tank is 300ltrs of oil with heat exchanger. The working pressure is 110kg/cm2.

  • Chamber size: 700mmX350mm
  • Main Cylinder Size
    • Bore Diameter: 200mm
    • Rod Diameter: 100mm
    • Stroke of Cylinder: 600mm
  • Lid Cylinder Size:
    • Bore Diameter: 80mm
    • Rod Diameter: 50mm
    • Stroke of Cylinder: 500mm
  • Output capacity 20 bales/hr

*The above specifications are for a hydraulic press of production capacity 10 MT/Day and 15 MT/Day.

For a Hydraulic Baling press of capacity 24MT/Day a Twin Chamber hydraulic press is used with the above specification for a single chamber and the power pack motor replaced with a 10HP motor.